Close the Gap – Volunteer!


Due to cost cutting measures, organizations are less likely to hire new workers.  For this reason, people are finding it difficult to secure new jobs.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2010 California unemployment rate topped 12.5% compared to the national average of 9.7%.  

In order to keep your professional skills sharp and to avoid gaps in employment, many have considered volunteering.  “Not only does volunteering in this way provide non-profits with much-needed expertise, it also allows an unemployed professional to maintain skills, add an interesting — and relevant — resume line, network with a wider variety of people and get out of the house and into the professional world again” (, 2010). 

Also, volunteering is good for your health!  By keeping yourself busy, you will be more active and make social connections with others.  While in school, I decided to volunteer for a local health clinic.  Even though it was only one day a week, I began to feel a sense of belonging and satisfaction.    I felt part of a team again, working together towards a common goal.  In fact, I still keep in touch with several people who work at the clinic. 

Based on your profession skills, what organization would you be most interested in volunteering for?

2 Responses to “Close the Gap – Volunteer!”

  1. 1 waco

    excellent idea. a great way to add something to your resume while also keeping spirits up and skills sharp

    • So tell me, Waco…have you thought about volunteering in order to stay healthy ?! 😉

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