Dating Helps the Employment Rate??


Your probably wondering how could going on a date result in getting a job, right?  Well, in essence when a person goes on a job search, it’s much like dating.  Both you and your date (i.e. the potential employer) are looking to find their match.  It’s a give and take when it comes to finding your ideal match.  You may be looking for flexibility, competitive pay, or ideal location.  On the other hand, the employer is in search for a candidate who possesses the skills required or a great fit for their corporate culture. 

So, remember if you are in search of a job, put your “best foot forward.”  It starts with having a dynamic resume and cover letter that aligns with the specific job description you are interested in.  Employers get tons of resumes and if you want to get chosen, you have to stand out.    And, when you are chosen, prepare yourself for the “first meeting.”  Know how to dress, the questions that may be asked, learn about the company, and be confident!  Besides, if your date likes you, be sure they are trying to impress you too!

Can you tell me about a time when you and your “date” (employer) connected well and it resulted in a great match?

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