Hello World!


Blogs have become one of the most popular channels of communication and a way for some to make pretty good $$.  With technology ever changing and evolving, accessibility to online communication has become easier thus providing bloggers and its readers a convenient way to stay in touch.  At one time, it was impossible to meet with people without actually meeting them.  Today’s online tools enable us to connect with others in different time zones.  How cool is that?! 

I recently decided to start blogging (not for the income potential) but for the love of keeping in touch with people.  With an extensive professional and educational background, I hope to bring value-added blogs that focus on various business concepts, personal finance, customer relationships, marketing and sales, personal development among others.   Many of these concepts can be applied to our personal lives as well.

How has technology affected the way you communicate in your personal and business lives?

2 Responses to “Hello World!”

  1. Welcome aboard.

    Technology changed my business life, certainly. 1983, I changed companies within the industry I’d worked in for a decade.

    The boss said “Drop down to the warehouse, next week, and pick up your portable computer.”

    My what?

    “Want your commissions? – you will communicate with the home office via computer, send in your orders, stay up-to-date with product availability, etc.”

    I did. And I did better than my competition.

    • Thank you Eideard (love the name btw)!

      May I ask what industry you were/are in. When I hear “commissions,” I’m immediately thinking sales 😉

      In any case organization across industry lines are likely to have the competitive advantage over others who do not immediately embrace new technology. And, for the most part, technology has helped people and businesses become more efficient in accomplishing tasks and goals.

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