Your Perspective May Be Different Than Mine


Education is often said to be the “key to success.”  Yet, I cannot recall a single class that ever touched the surface regarding how to interact with others.  Nonetheless, being able to relate and communicate with others is one of the most important life skills that we must continue to improve upon.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship with your parents, sibling, child, co-worker, friend or stranger; each requires a certain level of understanding.  Thus, whether personal or professional, relationships require a life-long commitment.

Relationships are necessary, yet can be difficult to manage.  To build strong and healthy relationships, we must learn to understand the other person’s perspective.  Without this understanding, compromise would be impossible.  We are all individuals who come from different backgrounds and upbringing and who approach situations in various ways.

Learn to appreciate people’s individuality and you will be enriched by the experiences of those around you.  Being able to consider the perspectives of others allows you to be flexible especially with regards to difficult situations.  You don’t necessarily need to agree with others but it does show trust and loyalty.  These are the qualities that others are most likely to be attracted to.

In what ways have you showed appreciation for other people’s differences?

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