A Little Weirdness Can Go a Long Way


When one thinks about the work environment at a corporation, most associate “boring” with it.  Not at Zappos, a successful online shoe retailer!  One of the 10 core values embraced by Zappos is to “create fun and a little weirdness.”  Zappos believes that by allowing its employees to be themselves, it results in happier, more productive workers. 

Nonetheless, not all core values are a good fit for every organization.  Aligning core values require reviewing a company’s culture to ensure employees understand how to behave and are being rewarded for behavior that is desired.  Management can ensure each individual knows he or she is valued through consistently providing positive feedback.    

Based on the current economy, employers have a bigger pool of job candidates to choose from.  For this reason, employers are likely to choose job applicants whose values appear to align with the company’s culture.  Before posting your resume, do your own research.  The better you understand a company’s culture, the better your chances are to be chosen over others who may not align well with its culture. 

What values are important to you as an employee or employer?

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