+Mindset = Success!



Some people only see the negative side in any situation they are presented with.  Momma says, “stay away from them!”  While a negative attitude makes you and everyone around you miserable, a positive attitude often creates excitement and happiness.  Yet, even for the optimistic person, at one time or another, being positive can be a challenge.

Attitude affects people similarly whether dealing with personal or work situations.  Either way, the absence of positive attitude will create stress!  People who are under stress will often make bad judgments and errors.  We don’t think clearly and feel bad.  A negative attitude is contagious and results in making others around you feel the same way.  As the saying goes “misery loves company.”

In a work setting negativity will quickly diminish motivation, which leads to productivity and employee retention issues.  Since human capital (employees) are an organization’s most valued asset, its competitive edge will be lost without motivated employees.  Thus, an organization’s HR (Human Resources) department is critical towards its success.

When you have a less-than-positive attitude, what ways do you attempt to turn it around?  And, how does it affect the specific situation you are dealing with?

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