New Hire “Assessment” Period



Rather than permanently hire new employees, many companies choose to place new hires on a “probation period.”  The word “probation” connotes being in trouble or having committed a crime.  As a new hire, it is important to understand that an “assessment” period (as I’d like to call it) is beneficial for both employer and employee.

In this economic state, most people are happy to get any job.  Yet, remember an employer wants to hire someone who will be a good fit for its company.  The employer has to spend time and money to train new hires and if the organization is not able to retain its employees, the company’s performance and competitiveness is compromised.  Thus, employers rely on its Human Resources Department to ensure the hire and retention of the most qualified candidates and employees.

Alternatively, people who are not happy with their jobs are less likely to stay with it once a more appealing opportunity arises.  In addition, it can hurt your future job opportunities if your resume shows too many jobs held for a relatively short period of time.  If a job offer is not immediately available, an alternative would be to continue to develop your professional skills through education and/or volunteering.  Not only will it look good on your resume, it will show your expertise in that specific field or industry. 

Congratulations if you got the job offer!  Make the most of your assessment period and find out if the position and company is ideal for you.  Just like test driving a car, a person can get a better feel for how it performs.  Same with a trial run with a new employer, a temporary-to-permanent hire is able to more effectively determine if the company is the right fit for him or her. 

Remember, learn the company culture, get to know your co-workers, and put your best foot forward.  Good luck!

Have you been hired as a temp-to-perm employee?  What were experiences?  If not, what is your opinion about employers that hire temp-to-perm? 

If you’re an employer, why would your organization agree/disagree with this type of hiring process?

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