Leadership is Not Just for Managers


Managers are expected to effectively lead their team in such a way that promotes motivation and productivity.  Unfortunately, some managers are not good leaders.  On the other hand, possessing leadership qualities is not restricted to just those in management positions.  By learning how to improve one’s leadership skills, others are more likely to follow his or her lead.  Thus, those with leadership qualities have the ability to more effectively build relationships with and influence others. 

Unlike managers, who normally possess a single dominate leadership style, true leaders are able to change their style depending on the organization, team, and situation.  A flexible leader is able to influence a wider range of people.  In the world of business, changes are inevitable, thus the more flexible a leader is, the more effective he or she is. 

People are not necessarily born a leader.  Rather, people may possess one or more leadership traits that indicate the ability to be a leader.  For many others who understand the importance of relationship and how to influence people, leadership skills are developed and continually improved upon.

A great book to read is Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People.  First published in 1937, this people-skills book continues to be  a valuable read for those interested in improving their leadership skills.     

What leadership skills do you believe are the most important in influencing others?

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