Wanted: Social Interaction


Yesterday, I decided to contact a friend who I have not spoken to in some time.  Turns out, it’s been TWO years!  You never know if you’ll ever have the opportunity to speak to that person again is what I learned.  So, whether you find yourself losing touch with friends or not keeping up with work associates, finding ways to interact with people are key to building relationships and networks.   

For many people, our lives are hectic and we forget to stay in touch with the people we care about.  Nonetheless, technology has made communication much easier than in the past.  No longer does a person need to write a letter or pick up the telephone to talk.  Now, more and more people own cell phones and with cell phones getting “smarter” comes the ability to not just call while your on the go, but send e-mails and texts.

Yet, it can be argued that new technology has desensitized the personal touch.  When was the last time you received a hand written letter from someone?  Most of what is received in the mail are solicitations and bills.  The fact is personal connections create happiness and joy for the recipient (and the giver, for that matter).  Whether it’s a long-time friend or a business associate, humans are attracted towards other humans for the simply fact that most of us enjoy other’s company.

Building personal connections are critical towards creating stronger business relationships as well.  Across industry lines, competition for customers are more critical than ever.  Organizations are focusing on how its workers, especially front-line employees can make their customer’s experience satisfying.  In keeping their customers satisfied, means to retain their business. 

Regardless of the type of relationship–business or personal–social interaction is important towards building lasting connections with those who matter to you.  Consider the mode of communication that is most effective with who you want to stay in touch with.  If you know someone does not read their e-mails except for once a week, perhaps calling him or her would be more ideal.  Or if a person is difficult to reach by phone, reach out instead by sending a personalized note.  Besides, social interaction is good for your health!  

What types of relationships are important to you and how do you stay connected?

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