Customer Service ~ Weezy Style


Our president Mr. Obama might not view Lil’ Wayne as an ideal role model for the younger generation, but perhaps organizations can be taught a lesson on the importance of maintaining relationship with its customers.  For those who are interested in building stronger relationships, take note of rapper, Lil’ Wayne, currently serving jail time for a gun possession charge.  He’ll be out in November after serving eight months of his year-long sentence.  Till then to keep his fans engaged, he has created a special website.  He tweets on a regular basis and responds to messages sent to him by fans. 

Social media and social networking sites are becoming an important part of people’s lives and for many, the chosen medium for sending and receiving information.  Besides, who has $486 million to spend on just advertising alone?  In fact, that is what Apple spent in 2008.  For those companies that do not have a large budget for advertising (or those who would like to manage their money better), an effective way for them to have a better presence within their targeted markets, is by way of social media and networking-duh! 

Sites such as WordPress (yeah!), Youtube, and Flickr are free to use.  So, why pay for something that is free?  Actually, some companies are catching on and have their own dedicated bloggers or social media experts to promote  the company and its product or services.  It’s most definitely a smart way to advertise.  Perhaps, Apple should re-consider its ad budget and consider funneling more $$ in their R&D (opps did I say free bumpers ?!?)            

By the way, thanks “jdavis“!      

What is a favorite company you know of that uses social media marketing as a way to reach its audience?  If not, what favorite company would you like to see use social media?

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