Families are like fudge… mostly sweet with a few nuts. 
                                              — Author Unknown

Even the most close-knit family will have at least one “nut” in the clan.  We most often think of these individuals as the odd person out; the one who is not like the rest of us.  They may cause embarrassment, stress, worry, or frustration in our lives.  Nonetheless, nut or no nut, family is family

Sometimes we seem to have less patience for those we are related to whereas we are more apt to put up with less-than-perfect personality traits of people we call friends.  Why is that?  Do we hold a higher standard to those who are “our own”?  Or is it because we cannot control the fact that a family member will always be a family member? 

The thought we need to keep in mind is to continue to choose our friends wisely yet give thanks to those who we can call family.  Remember, some people do not have others they can even call family.

Tell me about the “nut” in your family (even if it’s you!)  What qualities does he/or she possess that others do not?

2 Responses to “Aww, FUDGE!”

  1. Why do I always click on something that somehow I always need to read? The Universe? The Netverse? Something else? I find it annoying, at times. I picked up a fudge donut from Starbucks today, and I am the nut in the family. Just finished an argument with my father about being the nut that I am. Although I am a creative nut.

    • Thanks for the reply. I am considered the black sheep in my family and growing up it was always tough. The endless questions and the seemingly excess worriedness. Not sure how much more nuttier I may be compared to you or visa versa. That really doesn’t matter. What does…is that there are others just like us in the world! Would love to hear more about your “creative nuttiness”! Take care, LB

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