Make Time for #1


Regardless if a person is married, partnered, or single putting aside time for himself or herself is important.  Sure, being around friends and family is important too.  Nonetheless, to truly appreciate and continue to improve upon oneself, solo time provides time for relaxation as well as self-development.  Being alone does not necessarily mean sitting at home pigging out on pizza and ice cream while watching a movie (and that’s not a bad night either!) 

Depending on your needs–physical, emotional or spiritual–activities should focus on how to satisfy those voids.  Perhaps, you used to enjoy reading but with a hectic schedule you haven’t had the time to read a book, let alone a newspaper?  Or maybe you always wanted to take up salsa lessons.  The possibilities are endless yet the results are similar; the ability to alleviate stress through relaxation.   

One of the main reasons for starting my own blog is to be able to put my thoughts into words.  I discovered I feel better when I write, so this activity works for me.  Writing allows me to interact with others who enjoy writing as well.  I believe not only through our own experiences, but those of other’s, I can learn a great deal.  Perhaps, this is why many others have begun or have been blogging for some time now! 

What do you enjoy  to do during your solo time?  If not, what activities or hobbies would you consider as a way to relax?  How does it make you feel?

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