Roll Over To America’s Tire!


Personal recommendations from people we know is a valuable marketing tool for promoting one’s business.  Thus, organizations that value its image and care about its customers are more likely to consider word-of-mouth an important factor in generating and retaining new business.  Based on my recent experience with America’s Tire, I can certainly say they understand the concept.  

About a month ago, I needed to take my car in to have a tire looked at.  My co-workers who know the area mentioned several tire stores in the area.  I ended up choosing America’s Tire simply because it was located near a good sandwich shop.  With only 45 minutes for lunch, I sure did not want to be late or make my co-worker (who was kind enough to help me drop the car off) late.  Later, the associate at America’s Tire called and said a nail in the tire was the cause of the air leak.  When I went to pick up the car, to my surprise, I walked out without paying.  Since I was a new customer, they allow the first flat repair to be free of charge.  Sweet!

Yesterday morning I had not even made it to the freeway and the low air pressure light in the car came on.  I didn’t want to be late for work but I would be late anyways if something happened on the way in.  I ended up risking the drive, made it to America’s Tire but found they do not open till 8am.  Ughh…

At lunch time, I had a different co-worker help me drop my car off.  I was told they would call me in the next hour or so to let me know what was wrong with the tire (which happened to be the same tire that had the nail in it a month ago).  About an hour later, I received a call letting me know my car was ready for pick-up.  No details were left so I had to anxiously wait till my break to callback.  Interesting enough, no leak where the patch was at and no new nail.  Turns out the valve stem was the issue!  Again, I went back to pick up my car and guess what?  I didn’t get charged for this service either!  Is America’s Tire provided free service?  Yes and no.  They understand where the profit is made and that is with selling tires.  Who will I think of when I need new tires in the next few months?  You got it, America’s Tire. 

I am not long-winded and I realize the word count here could have produced 2 or 3 posts by now!  Bare with me here…

With not just one, but two good experiences, America’s Tire has created positive personal recommendations from me.  When I came into work after the first incident, I mentioned to a couple of co-workers how nice it was they did not charge for the flat repair.  Yesterday, when I already had the first good experience, I told another co-worker who sits near me that she should have her leaky tire checked out by America’s Tire.  This morning I noticed another co-worker had a low tire.  You got it, I told her to go nearby to America’s Tire!

Tell me about an experience with a service or product that resulted in word-of-mouth communication (positive or negative).

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