Organizational Conflict Lessens Morale


Organizational conflict is a state of discord caused by the actual or perceived oppositions of needs, values, and interests between people working together.  Conflict within the workplace is natural, yet if not dealt with properly can hinder employee productivity and the company’s bottom line.  Conflicts are rarely about an employee’s abilities or skills.  Rather, disputes between employees range from personality differences and job title or responsibilities to sexual harassment or workplace violence.  Thus, by effectively resolving conflicts (and avoiding unnecessary ones), employee morale will improve.

Low morale increases the risk of losing business (from unhappy customers or suppliers), and of absenteeism and tardiness.  By keeping employee and group morale high, businesses avoid losing money.    Furthermore, when morale is high individuals are more likely to trust management, act more as team players, display passion in the work they do and communicate more effectively.  It should also be noted that stress–work or non-work related–has an effect on employee morale, thus should be considered when trying to improve organizational effectiveness.

Aside from making sure top candidates are hired for the position, organization need to continually motivate its employees.  Motivation might involve one or several of the following:

  • employee recognition
  • on-going training
  • employee feedback or suggest
  • effective leadership
  • effective communication
  • promote teamwork environment

Just like negative thinking, low morale is contagious.  Ignoring the situation will cause further productivity to be lost.  By being proactive and approaching workplace conflicts as an opportunity, results will be better!

What other ways can an organization encourage improved morale?

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