Time = Money


In the world of speaking and writing, metaphors are often used to communicate ideas.  When used properly, metaphors effectively convey feelings and images in a creative and imaginative way.  By engaging others through use of metaphors, the reading or listening experience is enhanced. 

One of my favorite metaphors is “Time is Money.”   Interesting enough, my understanding of this analogy has evolved.  Formerly, I understood time is money as don’t waste time on unproductive activities.  Thus, some believe time is a commodity (i.e. something of value) and cannot be replaced.  Therefore, how we spend it can increase the quality of life.  Today, we commonly hear about people trying to strike a balance between work and life.  And, in the business world, time management is important.  If employees are not using their work time effectively the company losing productivity, which translates to lost money. 

More recently, I have begun thinking about the old saying “time is money” in the respects of a person can either pay to have time…or spend the time to save money.  This understanding is based on the idea of making an “economical decision.”  For example, if a person makes $20 per hour, should he or she pay someone $30 per hour to have “extra” time?  The answer likely depends on what the activity is and if the person paying has the money to “waste.”  Nonetheless, paying someone more money than he or she makes might be worth it.

Check out this blog for a fun discussion about whether time is money.

What is a favorite metaphor of yours?  Explain what it means to you.

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