Family, Friends, and Celebrations


First time giving my niece a bath (of course in the kitchen sink!)


 After a long weekend, sometimes people are ready to go home and just relax.  Yet, no matter what time of year, festivities are going on.  So, do you make an excuse to not go or are you the type who is ready for a much welcomed invitation to have some fun?!   

Personally, at times I do want to just be at home.  Besides, there is always something to tend to such as laundry, yarkwork, cleaning, etc.  Being away at least 12+ hours a day, I rarely find time (nor do I want ) to do come home to do chores.  Even if not to do any chores, to just sit and “enjoy” the space I work so hard to keep.     

Not this weekend.  Rather, I “have” to celebrate my friend’s anticipation of getting married (bridal shower).  Actually, this will be co-ed so not the traditional women-only party.  That’s on Saturday.  The next day is my oldest niece’s third birthday.  Time sure flies!  I remember when she was about six months old and I was taking care of her a few days a week while my sister and brother-in-law worked.  At that time, I had quit work to go back to school.  So, it was a good opportunity to get to know my niece.   

These are the sort of events when a person has to reflect on life.  To have family and friends that you care about; the same ones who you have known and grown up with over the years.  It’s truly a blessing to “have” to partake in these happy occasions!    

As many are beginning to understand, we got greedy and wanted to live a certain way–have the biggest house, the nicest car, the most expensive clothes.  Now, due to the economy, people are losing what they have.  But, the odd thing is that it is making people think deeper.  When the going gets tough, its your family and friends who are there for you (or at least, you’ll soon find out who are your true friends!)  And then, something clicks…you discover the joys of celebrations with your close ones.  My friend asked if RG was coming.  I texted and said he is.  She made the comment, “it will be just like old times!”  I texted her back and said, “it will be like old times, only better!”

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