Making a Good Impression Through E-mail


According to statistics, over 74% of the population in the U.S are Internet users.  Of the various activities, the main use for the Internet is e-mailing.  Although e-mailing to your friends may not matter as much, practicing proper e-mail etiquette is important towards giving others a good first impression of yourself.  Even more important, if you are sending business e-mails to your company’s client or supplier, they see you as the spokesperson for the company.  In fact,  if you are reading this blog, there is a good likelihood you use e-mail!

Although my main work activity is conducted over the phone, often times the use of e-mail becomes a necessity.  Information can be transferred quickly and conveniently by e-mail, thus is a good solution when time is of the essence.  Yet, not using care before clicking the “send” button may tarnish your image and/or that of your company (without you knowing it).  

Here are some e-mail etiquette tips to keep in mind:

  • Consider tone.  Since the receiver cannot hear you, it is easy to “read” into the message incorrectly.  I read over my message several times to ensure I am using words that do not reflect disrespect, anger, or demanding. 
  • DONT SHOUT.  Using all caps is a no-no.  Others often translate that as you are shouting at them.  If you are trying to make a point, consider using the italic type.
  • Use power words.  Words such as please and thank you convey consideration and respect.  
  • Keep it simple.  The receiver does not want to have to read a book to figure out the point you are trying to get across.  Also, a descriptive subject line is helpful.
  • Remember to use salutations.  Proper greeting is respectful and polite.  Some common greetings include “Good Day,” ‘To Whom it May Concern,” and “Dear.”
  • Avoid abbreviations.  In the world of texting, it has become more common to shorten words but when e-mailing, take the time to write out words (and don’t forget to use spell-check!)

 Any others?

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