Make It A Habit


Just as bad habits are hard to break, sticking to good habits are difficult to keep.  Whether an individual might be trying to eat healthier or exercise more often, adopting good habits start with his or her commitment to change.  Nonetheless, a person can effectively form good habits by considering the following tips:

  • Set short-term goals.  Rather than commit to exercising 5 days a week for the next year, consider shorter goals that are easily attainable.  For example, reward yourself after 30 days of exercising 3 days a week.
  • Plan ahead.  By scheduling your new habit (in this case exercising 3 times a week) your more likely to accomplish them.
  • Get support.  By enlisting the help from a friend, he or she can be a source of motivation.
  • Don’t quit!  Even if you have not been able to accomplish the goal(s) you set out to do,  remember your commitment to change.  Try again!

Any suggestions that have helped you make a good habit stick?

4 Responses to “Make It A Habit”

  1. I try to keep the end goal in mind. What I’m trying to accomplish and how it will feel to accomplish it.

    • Great point! I can see how keeping the end goal in mind can motivate a person to keep going. Remembering why you chose to change helps to solidify one’s efforts. Thanks for your comment!

  2. 3 Vince

    Write down why the bad habit is bad. What consequences have I or others I may influence suffered because of this habit. Refer to this list weekly. Do the same for the “good” habit.

    • Sounds like you’ve gone through this process before?! Great points on how to make good habits and break bad ones! I agree that when reminded often of why a habit is bad, not only for ourself but those around us, can be a good motivational technique. Thanks for your comment!

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