When is the last time you heard  “KISS”?  The rockers will quickly identify with the popular hard rock band of the mid-70’s.  Actually the “KISS” I am referring to stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid!”  This acronym is a principle that states simplicity should be a key goal in design. 

I heard the term recently from an elderly gentleman who was frustrated with some of my company’s procedures.  It got me thinking about how things were probably much simpler for him 40-50 years ago.  Our company has grown in those years and for someone who has been a part of this company from the beginning, its natural evolution as part of a competitive environment is not how it should be from his perspective.  

So, how does a company (or individual for that matter) learn to “keep it short and simple” while balancing the need to stay competitive?  For example, an organization tries to differentiate itself from others.  Often being different necessitates the need to stay abreast of new technology.  Thus, new technology allows people within an organization to get things done more efficiently.  Yet, these sophisticated equipment come with lengthy manuals that require specific processes to take place to ensure smooth operation.  

Perhaps the best way to handle this type of situation is to place the emphasis on how it benefits the other person.  The elderly gentleman did not want to hear about all the “hoops” he had to jump through to get his situation resolved.  Rather, by explaining the benefits and offering alternatives, he was more willing to listen.  Thus, a person is apt to change his or her perception about the situation.  Try it the next time your having a conversation with someone–be it a stranger, friend, co-worker, or spouse.  Just remember– K I S S!

Your thoughts?

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