‘Tis Life, ‘Tis I!


Who an individual is and how he or she thinks and does things are shaped by life experiences.  Regardless of it being good or bad in nature, our life alters when something happens.  In fact, it may not be till years later that one realizes a certain event had a significant impact on his or her being.   

One reason why a significant event can change a person is based on the mere process of going through the experience.  A life altering experience that comes to mind for me is of the first funeral I ever attended.  The funeral was for my grandfather.  I was about 12-13 years old and a brat.  I remember wondering how I would react at the funeral.  The immature kid I was, I hoped I would not burst out laughing.  What a horrible thing to think!  Yet, at the funeral I had very different emotions than my initial thinking.  I was highly emotional and sad.  I was not able to stop crying.  I even thought I saw my grandpa’s chest moving up and down as if he breathing.  Wow. 

Through this experience I quickly realized how much I do love and miss my grandpa.  I miss him just as I did the day I attended his funeral.  I only hope he understands that the bratty, immature kid is now a mature sensitive adult who hopes he will forgive his granddaughter .  I love you Grandpa!

What was your life-altering experience?


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