Organizing Unclutters the Mind


Organizing takes both time and effort.  Yet, as many people struggle with maintaining a quality work/life balance, their homes are often one of the first things to get neglected.  Besides, it’s easier to ignore a pile of dirty laundry than it is to feed your family.  Nonetheless, being able to keep a home clutter-free can keep stress at bay.

By ridding items that take up space, collect dust and/or are not used regularly, an individual can best utilize his or her space.  For example, I have a nice sized walk-in closet and like most women, its full of clothes.  Yet, do I wear even half the items?  You guessed it, no I don’t.  I’ve done a light cleaning to remove items I know for sure I will not wear or use.  I say “light cleaning” because there are still other items worth decluttering.  On the flip side, giving away these unused items to a shelter provide a basic need for those who are less fortunate.  In fact, many donations centers are willing to pick up useable items from your home.  Sounds like a win-win situation! 

Besides the bedroom or closet, clutter can accumulate in other areas in and around the home (i.e. office, garage, kitchen).  Some of us are so unorganized that we even have cluttered cars and office spaces!  Learn to follow a system for keeping clutter to a minimum.  In fact, those who are organized and clutter-free are normally less stressed, have more energy, and are happier. 

Here are some ideas on how to declutter:

  • Start with lists.  Write down areas of the home that clutter is a problem.  If it is every room in the house, write it down!
  • Make a commitment.  Trying to declutter an entire home or several areas in a weekend is unmotivating and over-whelming.  Instead, try tackling one area a month or one hour a weekend.  Your less likely to make excuses and won’t feel like cleaning is all you’re doing!
  • Consider new in/old out rule.  For one new item you receive or buy, throw away or donate one item that is less used.  This way, items are not accumulated.
  •  Don’t forget closets or other hideaway spaces.  Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it should not be organized too. 
  • Put items back in their “homes.” There is probably nothing more frustrating than looking for the car keys or the nail clipper and not being able to find it.  Putting things in their place ensures you (and everyone else in the household) knows where important items are located. 

Do you have a system for staying organized?  If not, what area of the home is most problematic?

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