Making a Difference By Donating


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If you have ever filed tax returns, you may be aware of the tax benefits with donating.  Tax benefits are determined on an individual’s tax bracket, yet those in the highest tax bracket earn the most rewards from donating.  Therefore, tax benefits are minimal for the majority of Americans.  So, why donate?      

In fact, most individuals donate for various reasons outside of personal benefits.  Some want to make a difference within the community they live in.  Others believe in certain social or political matters and want to make a stand.  Besides money, items such as clothing, cars, and appliances can be donated.    

For me, donating allows me to make a difference in my local community and my household.  What do I mean?  By giving away items that are not used, I am able to declutter.  For example, I have a nice-sized walk-in closet, yet currently less than 25% of those items are used on a regular basis.  Donating gives me a chance to clean out my closet and help others who are less fortunate.  (Please don’t ask me why I have not done this sooner!)    

Furthermore, charitable organizations have made donating much easier by provided free pick-up service.  I have a pick-up coming tomorrow AM and another one from a different organization the following week.  These free pickup services provides me with an attainable timeline towards decluttering and reorganizing my space.  Certainly, it takes time and effort (and will eat into my time doing yard work) yet I always feel better afterwards!  

What are your reasons for donating?  If not, what organizations would you like to donate to?

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