Connections Through Effective Networking


Networking is cultivating mutually beneficial relationships between two or more people who share their connections in order to build bigger networks.  Yet, one of the biggest mistakes many people make is the idea that networking means to hand out business cards to anyone who will listen to them.  

Recently, a couple of my girlfriends and I decided to have dinner together (which is not often considering our family obligations).  We did not want to wait to be seated, so opted for available seats at the sushi bar.  Next to us was a couple and their teen daughter.  Other than glances and small talk with the teen, no conversation occurred.  At the end of their dinner the dad started in on his “spiel.”   

Effective networking means even after a couple of sake bombs, I would remember what he was trying to sell.  (Ok, maybe it was more than a couple…)  Basically, his networking skills were ineffective and his business card was used to line my recycle bin.  Without good networking skills, those who are trying to promote their business eventually become unmotivated due to lack of positive results.  

Even if an individual does not own a business or has a job in sales and/or marketing, effective networking skills are critical towards attracting new opportunities.  Ever need someone to help with a home or car repair?  Maybe, you met someone who still today remains a good friend in your personal circle!  Building a strong network benefits us as long as we are not expecting to take, without giving.  

What ways have you built a stronger network?

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