Networking In The Company Break Area





We are not talking about gossiping among your co-workers about who did what and with who.  Rather, if you are interested in getting to know others within your company, strike up a friendly conversation while making your coffee in the AM or warming up food for lunch.  Nonetheless, this does not mean you need to take up your (or their) entire break or lunch trying to get to know him or her.  Short, friendly (and appropriate) dialogue is all you need to consider when getting to know other employees.

Today, I was talking with a woman in Legal and I mentioned my department was having a Halloween decoration contest.  It so happen another woman who works in HR was standing there making her coffee.  She overheard me and asked that I have someone from our department send HR a draft to announce our contest and she would invite other employees to come by and check out our decorations.  Later that day, HR sent out an official announcement to let the rest of the company (approx. 200 employees) know about our contest!  To make our contest even more fun and competitive, visitors are encouraged to help vote for the best decorated row.   Had I not been in the break area talking to someone, would this all have happened?  Maybe…maybe not.

Certainly, this was a special occasion so made it easier for someone else to perhaps notice and be interested.  Nonetheless, simply greeting others and engaging in small talk with produce greater opportunities to get to know more people.    Try it the next time you are standing near someone while in the break room.  You never know what will come about.  I didn’t 🙂

Happy Halloween to all and thanks for reading! LB

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