Making Waves At Work



My sis making waves!

If you want to make a good impression with those around you, making waves in such a way that it creates new opportunities is key.  What do I mean?  If your someone who simply does your work, unfortunately it’s not enough to get noticed.  Rather, most managers see these type of employees as ones who are not interested in work and only doing it for the money.  Instead, make yourself noticed and find yourself becoming valuable to others, especially those in higher positions within the company.

Recently, my supervisor asked me what day I started working.  (It was Feb 22nd!) He needed to get a head count of employees in our department (and my inclination is that he probably needed to give a report to his manager).  I was hired with five other employees (opps minus one who didn’t make it).  So, why did he ask me instead of one of the others hired at the same time?  Most likely, he knows me an organized person who keeps accurate records.  Managers have their work to do and anytime you can make it easier for them, makes you valuable.  Not that I intend on being less organized but be sure I will make sure I stay organized with my records.

It reminds me of another time when a co-worker needed to do a check on our CRM (Client Relationship Management) software.  She asked me to give her reference numbers for the calls I made that morning.  Why did she ask me?  Again, she knows I keep records of member’s who call me.  It’s not mandatory, it’s just what I do.

Find something your good at.  Become the “go-to” person (i.e. expert).  You may find new opportunities blossoming!

Good luck 😉

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