Camera Happy I Am!


I just could not pass up a good deal on a Canon 20D that a guy had listed on Craigslist.  (No, he wasn’t interested in trading/bartering with my Toshiba netbook.)  Anyway, I took the plunge so thought I’d share the first few shots I took…

My niece (whose 3) wanted to come hang out with me because I was going to the nail shop.  On the way home from there and picking up my new camera, I pulled over to snap this view near my sister’s house. 

Seven Canyons in Castro Valley

I took soooooo many pictures the night before and they all came out blurry.  My hairdresser took this shot at his salon after I told him I was not able to get the focus right.  As you can see, he did not have any problems at all!

Deco at my hairdresser's salon

Osho, my year-old Yorkie, is not camera-shy and loves to chew on his toys.  He looks like a little fur ball especially when I don’t tie the hair back on the top of his head.

Osho with one of his favorite toys!

This is one kid that enjoys playing video games especially in the comfort of his parent’s master bedroom LOL

X all smiles when it comes to his video games!

No other way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon than lounging on the floor watching sports…

RG lounging on a lazy Sunday afternoon

So far, the only issue that I see with not having a compact point-and-click camera is the difficulty with holding the it just right to take self-pictures, which I used to do a lot with my CyberShot.  The camera has a timer and came with a tripod but it’s just not as “spontaneous.”  *shugs*  I’ll figure it out 🙂 

Thanks for checking out my pics!  More to come!…

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