Beware: Camera Owners Will Do Weird Things!


What Is That??!

I do not care for insects yet tonight when I went outside to bring in the trash cans, I saw this odd-looking, rather large insect sitting unmoved.  My dog unknowingly stepped near it but the bug didn’t move.  After I came back in from wheeling in the trash cans, I decided to grab the camera for a shot of this strange insect.  Since it was in the dark, I used the night setting, which emits pretty bright flashes when taking pictures.  I can’t believe how close I got to it just to get the shot.  (Hmmm…to think of it I should have put something next to it so you could get an idea of how big this lil bugger is…perhaps half the length of a pen??)

You can bet I have a better understanding of just how much adrenaline cameramen and photographers get when trying to capture the best shots.  I must have taken at least 8-9 shots and luckily the bug sat “patiently” as I blinded him with my flashes! 

Whew, to think of it good thing he didn’t move because I probably would have dropped my camera!

Can you help me identify this insect??

3 Responses to “Beware: Camera Owners Will Do Weird Things!”

  1. Nope… can’t identify the insect… but liked your idea of clicking a photo of it .. thanks for sharing… liked the simplicity in your writing.

    Paru Krishnakant”Piyuni”

    • Hello Piyuni!

      Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comments. It is an insect I have never seen and the size of it–woOw! Looking forward to checking your blog out! Thanks again, Lyda

    • Opps…I cant read your blog and unable to even find where to leave a comment. My apologizes, do like the colors in your blog and some of the pictures too! Thanks again for dropping by my blog spot! LB

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