Mi Casa Es Su Casa


What better way to spend a Friday evening?

I wanted to take some pictures in a different setting so headed over to a friend’s house!  We enjoyed sipping on some yummy red wine, had nice conversation, and most importantly relaxed after a long work week.  (Should have turned the flash off to get a better view of the label and wine saver top.) 

Love Sees No Color

Perhaps something some people will never understand…interracial relationships.  I think it’s a beautiful thing, especially because those hands are of my friends!  He is someone who I went to the same high school with (just a few years ago LOL) and she is someone who I can hang out with and do what women do well…chat!


He’s been a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan for years.  (You can tell from the stains on the front!)  Wonder what a sweater like that would cost today now that the Giants are this year’s World Series Champs??!

Autumn Is Here...Now It's Gone!

The seasons go by so fast.  I took this shoot just last month and before I went outside to rake all those leaves up.  As you can see, there is plenty more where those came from!

Thanks for dropping by to check out this post!  I’m off to capture more!…

Which picture(s) do you like the most?  Why? 

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