That’s a Big Pile Of…!


Chips, anyone?

Even without hearing or seeing the entire phrase, most of us know that its a common saying meaning “a lot” of something.  In a negative connotation, it is said in disagreement.  And, in other cases, there is no better way to describe something…like this big pile of chips!  

That’s right, your looking at a huge pile of chips which was displayed at the appetizer table for my recent Company Holiday Luncheon.  A pretty cool idea given most places put a basket of chips at a table.  The servers end up having to continue to check and refill the baskets.  Here, with a big pile of chips, whoever wants chips and how much ever he or she wants, get it yourself!  I took this picture towards the end of the luncheon so as you can tell, not much was eaten.  Likely, this would be a bigger hit with children…or if there was nothing else to eat besides appetizers. 

You’d have to find a place that stocks restaurant size food items to build a pile like that without costing as much.  What, chips are at least three dollars a bag these days?  As you can see the chips pile higher than the window behind it!  Nonetheless, I’ll have to say this was a creative way to serve a food item!

What other creative ways have you seen food displayed?

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