“Not Used” vs. “New”


Not using it-In the box-Juicer!

As I mentioned in an earlier post (and why I have done much more picture-taking and not as much writing these days) I had purchased a nice Canon 20D on Craigslist.  And, as a promised to myself said I would try to sell some of my unwanted items to pay for the camera.  (I really didn’t have the money for the camera in the first place)  Today, I am happy to report that I am finally pretty close to “paying off” the camera!  I’ve been able to sell several items I didn’t need as well as reply to post from people who were in need of items that I had. 

A recent post read “Wanted: Good Juicer” and here is my reply:

“I had not thought about the juicer I have until I saw your post tonight! Not used and still in the box! It’s a ‘Juiceman Jr. Juicing Kit Electronic Professional Series 210.'”

We made the trade and later after she got her new juicer home, said sent me a message saying she was surprised to find that the juicer was not new.  Not new?  Hmmm…I would not have said that because I knew myself it wasnt new.  Yet, looking back at the above response to her…seems I was careless in my reply.  Whereas in my mind “not used” meant I wasn’t using it (of course!) in retrospect I now can see how my message could have been confusing.  I hope to make it up to her because really I am an honest person and I try to be careful with the words I use…

Tell about a conversation or correspondence in which the meaning of the message was not clearly delivered.  How could it have been done differently? 

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