Time passes….


I hope 2011 has treated you well!  It may seem that I have been lax…no recent posts, no reading Freshly Pressed and responding.  This certainly does not mean I’ve gotten lazy…it seems with only so many hours in a day, one must choose their time (hopefully) wisely.  As much as I enjoy (and miss) reading the creative, intelligent and witty posts, a few months ago that Craigslist purchase of a Canon DSLR has grabbed my by the horns!  Ha!  Well since I haven’t been around much…thought at least I’d stop through and leave a few pics for you to enjoy 🙂

When I had to run to the next town to grab some dog food for my Yorkie, I decided to stop through to my favorite Vietnamese resturant.  The rare flank steak is set on top and actually “cooks” in the broth.  Mmm mm, Good!

Pho'- Vietnamese Noodle Soup!

Back at the same park with my nieces…this time with a new Canon lens!  This is a 75-300mm and the WOW does it zoom! 

At the park above my sister's house

A few guys at work often play soccer at lunch time.  I sat in one spot and was able to take great close up shots of them playing.  This new lens is awesome!

Using new lens and zooming in on the action!

A co-worker plays at a local wine bar a couple times a month.  I located an external flash (on Craigslist of course!) to get rid of the shadows when shooting in dim-lit places.  Not bad! 

Shot using the new external flash-what a difference!

Time seems to pass even faster when you find something you enjoy doing.  I know I’ve had a blast getting to know this new camera.  Soon, a photo printer will be on its way!…*click, click!*

What have you been doing so far in 2011?

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