Creating Opportunities


A man sitting and reading a magazine at the bookstore.

How do some people fall flat on their faces…only to get right back up to try it again.  Come to think about it, we did it (literally!) when we were learning to walk as babies.  Why are we so afraid now to take steps that can lead us in the right direction?  Thus, by stepping out of one’s comfort zone, a person may create opportunities that can enhance one’s life experiences. 

When I first walk into a new place that I have never shot before, I sometimes get an uneasy feeling.  Will people be accepting of having their photos taken?  Some might be concerned their pictures will end up on the newspaper or a social media site such as FaceBook or MySpace.  To tell the truth, sometimes I have to talk to myself to gather confidence and enthusiasm.  Not all people are photogenic so it takes a good photographer to capture great moments!  Besides, who wants a photographer who is uneasy and appears to not be having fun??

Therefore, every time I go out to an event it’s not to focus solely on the musician or band.  I try to capture the energy created by getting the audience involved.  The latest site was a bookstore.  By getting out of my comfort zone, I was able to catch several great shots of people reading while listening to the music being played.  I can’t wait to catch up to the band again at their next performance.  Maybe this time I’ll walk around instead of sitting and taking shots!

Describe a situation in which you were out of your comfort zone.  Was the outcome different?    

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