About Me

In 2009, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration.  While studying for my degree, I also volunteered for a family planning clinic.  My previous employment was with a Fortune 500 Savings and Loan Company, in which I worked for almost 10 years as a Modification Consultant and Loan Representative.  Currently, I am a Field Support Representative for a natural nutrition company.

With extensive professional experience in marketing, customer relations, finance, and sales as well as formal education related to effective business operations, I hope to share valuable information with both non-business minded and business minded people alike who are interested in improving their personal and professional lives.

My passion is with helping others.  Thus, my blog is dedicated to presenting ideas and concepts in an easy to understand and positive way (there is already too much bad news out there!)  This is my first blog so I am learning as I go and you can be assured that I am putting in my 110% effort.  There is nothing more disappointing than wasting both your and my time!  My “blog of thoughts” range from business and career topics to personal finance and family/life discussions.  You’ll find that most of my post will be “short and sweet.”

Some of my hobbies include reading, cooking, travel, and music.  I will be adding some content related to these interests also.  Besides, whats work without a little fun?? 😉

Thank you for your time reading about me.  I always welcome constructive feedback.  Again, thank you and take care! LB

2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. 1 Vince

    Ms. Lyda.
    With your masters degree to you see your position as a field support rep a backwards step or a forward step. Just curious, I know when folks work for degrees that can sometime be blinded by opportunities that they may not feel are worthy of them. Not saying this is you just a curious question. Thanks

    • A good question to ponder. I believe the answer depends on a person’s life experience and even maturity. What do I mean? There was once upon a time when I thought that getting to the next level–whether bigger, more expensive, or higher–was the true measurement in success. Today, I believe that any opportunity is a chance to move forward–or back. A person will never know what opportunities will present itself without taking chances. In addition, with a positive attitude, he or she is more likely to be open to seeing such chances in life that can promote progression. Before this “chance” as a field support rep, I saw what I believed to be an opportunity to move into the health care field. That opportunity I was hoping for or envisioned didn’t happen. Yet opportunitites only come with persistance.

      Thus, based on several reasons, I took this opportunity as a field support rep. I am a people-person and I now get paid to talk to people! I am learning about the company not just from the eyes of management, but the people who keep it running, our family members (that’s valuable especially when moving about the company). I am able to network with others in the company that have cool jobs, like troubleshooting computer problems (*wink*)!

      A field support rep with a Master’s degree…although may not seem to be forward-moving (hmmm, possibly a lateral move?) has provided me with a level of self-worth that makes me proud to represent this company. I believe an individual who takes sensible risks, keeps a positive-mindset, and understands movement is never about just forward and back, will be considered valuable. Thank you for the great question!

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