Chips, anyone?

Even without hearing or seeing the entire phrase, most of us know that its a common saying meaning “a lot” of something.  In a negative connotation, it is said in disagreement.  And, in other cases, there is no better way to describe something…like this big pile of chips!  

That’s right, your looking at a huge pile of chips which was displayed at the appetizer table for my recent Company Holiday Luncheon.  A pretty cool idea given most places put a basket of chips at a table.  The servers end up having to continue to check and refill the baskets.  Here, with a big pile of chips, whoever wants chips and how much ever he or she wants, get it yourself!  I took this picture towards the end of the luncheon so as you can tell, not much was eaten.  Likely, this would be a bigger hit with children…or if there was nothing else to eat besides appetizers. 

You’d have to find a place that stocks restaurant size food items to build a pile like that without costing as much.  What, chips are at least three dollars a bag these days?  As you can see the chips pile higher than the window behind it!  Nonetheless, I’ll have to say this was a creative way to serve a food item!

What other creative ways have you seen food displayed?

My neices enjoying the water puddle!

As adults, most of us forget about the little things in life, like stopping to smell the flowers…and stomping in the rain puddles!  Yet, what better way to feel young and carefree again, as if we have no worries in the world.  So, why don’t we do it more often?  Unfortunately, as adults we have been programmed to get into a daily routine and stick to it. 

This last weekend I finally got my younger niece MA (the one on the left) to come out with me and her sister AA.  (Well, there went my plans to get a pedicure.)  We grabbed some food and headed to the park near their house.  I thought it would be nice to have them take a couple of pictures on the benches at the baseball diamond. 

On the way to the field, here was this puddle of water in which I immediately told my nieces to avoid.  We went over to the benches and even before I could take one picture, the rain started to come down.  We began walking back to the car…looks like this was a bad idea for going to the park! 

Then for some reason, as we approached the puddle again I didn’t tell my nieces to avoid it.  Instead, I encouraged them to step in it and stomp!  They had so much fun that when they were thoroughly wet and needing to leave, I had to chase MA.  She had gone back to the puddles to play in it again.  I sure could not blame MA as I was the one that let her do it in the first place.  And besides, I doubt their parents will let them LOL 

Anyway, wanted to share the pic.  Perhaps, the next time you see a puddle you’ll stomp in it! 

Describe a time when you did something that made you feel carefree.

I listen to Movin’ 99.7 on my way to work and during that time Fernando and Greg are on the air.  On occasion, they call up Greg’s mom, Ginger to chat with her.  On this particular day, Ginger and her sister Norma share a candy recipe made in the crockpot!  I don’t know about you but to me crockpots are the easiest way to cook without effort. 

I haven’t made it yet and plan to very soon.  Besides, how much easier can it be to toss several ingredients into the crockpot and let it cook for a couple of hours??  In fact, I’m thinking this would be a great recipe to make with XS and/or my nieces!

When I make it, I’ll be sure to take a few pictures and add to my iRecipes section.  Let me know if you try it and how you like it!

Do you have a favorite candy recipe you like to make around the holidays?