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How do some people fall flat on their faces…only to get right back up to try it again.  Come to think about it, we did it (literally!) when we were learning to walk as babies.  Why are we so afraid now to take steps that can lead us in the right direction?  Thus, by stepping […]

  If you want to make a good impression with those around you, making waves in such a way that it creates new opportunities is key.  What do I mean?  If your someone who simply does your work, unfortunately it’s not enough to get noticed.  Rather, most managers see these type of employees as ones […]

Networking is cultivating mutually beneficial relationships between two or more people who share their connections in order to build bigger networks.  Yet, one of the biggest mistakes many people make is the idea that networking means to hand out business cards to anyone who will listen to them.   Recently, a couple of my girlfriends and […]