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How do some people fall flat on their faces…only to get right back up to try it again.  Come to think about it, we did it (literally!) when we were learning to walk as babies.  Why are we so afraid now to take steps that can lead us in the right direction?  Thus, by stepping […]

Time passes….


I hope 2011 has treated you well!  It may seem that I have been lax…no recent posts, no reading Freshly Pressed and responding.  This certainly does not mean I’ve gotten lazy…it seems with only so many hours in a day, one must choose their time (hopefully) wisely.  As much as I enjoy (and miss) reading the creative, intelligent […]

Even without hearing or seeing the entire phrase, most of us know that its a common saying meaning “a lot” of something.  In a negative connotation, it is said in disagreement.  And, in other cases, there is no better way to describe something…like this big pile of chips!   That’s right, your looking at a huge pile of chips which was displayed at the appetizer table for […]