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How do some people fall flat on their faces…only to get right back up to try it again.  Come to think about it, we did it (literally!) when we were learning to walk as babies.  Why are we so afraid now to take steps that can lead us in the right direction?  Thus, by stepping […]

Perhaps you might not feel the same as I but it seems as if the younger generation (Gen-Ys) do not share the same values as the older generations (Gen-Xs and beyond).  In fact, there is a lack of respect, responsibility, and manners in many of the youth that I run across today.  But, yesterday I […]

70/30 Rule


  Have you ever had a conversation with someone who talked almost the entire time and didn’t  stop once to listen to you?  Or, perhaps you were able to talk but didn’t feel as if the other person was engaged in the conversation?  In fact, communication is important in every type of relationship, yet many people have […]