A man sitting and reading a magazine at the bookstore.

How do some people fall flat on their faces…only to get right back up to try it again.  Come to think about it, we did it (literally!) when we were learning to walk as babies.  Why are we so afraid now to take steps that can lead us in the right direction?  Thus, by stepping out of one’s comfort zone, a person may create opportunities that can enhance one’s life experiences. 

When I first walk into a new place that I have never shot before, I sometimes get an uneasy feeling.  Will people be accepting of having their photos taken?  Some might be concerned their pictures will end up on the newspaper or a social media site such as FaceBook or MySpace.  To tell the truth, sometimes I have to talk to myself to gather confidence and enthusiasm.  Not all people are photogenic so it takes a good photographer to capture great moments!  Besides, who wants a photographer who is uneasy and appears to not be having fun??

Therefore, every time I go out to an event it’s not to focus solely on the musician or band.  I try to capture the energy created by getting the audience involved.  The latest site was a bookstore.  By getting out of my comfort zone, I was able to catch several great shots of people reading while listening to the music being played.  I can’t wait to catch up to the band again at their next performance.  Maybe this time I’ll walk around instead of sitting and taking shots!

Describe a situation in which you were out of your comfort zone.  Was the outcome different?    

Time passes….


I hope 2011 has treated you well!  It may seem that I have been lax…no recent posts, no reading Freshly Pressed and responding.  This certainly does not mean I’ve gotten lazy…it seems with only so many hours in a day, one must choose their time (hopefully) wisely.  As much as I enjoy (and miss) reading the creative, intelligent and witty posts, a few months ago that Craigslist purchase of a Canon DSLR has grabbed my by the horns!  Ha!  Well since I haven’t been around much…thought at least I’d stop through and leave a few pics for you to enjoy 🙂

When I had to run to the next town to grab some dog food for my Yorkie, I decided to stop through to my favorite Vietnamese resturant.  The rare flank steak is set on top and actually “cooks” in the broth.  Mmm mm, Good!

Pho'- Vietnamese Noodle Soup!

Back at the same park with my nieces…this time with a new Canon lens!  This is a 75-300mm and the WOW does it zoom! 

At the park above my sister's house

A few guys at work often play soccer at lunch time.  I sat in one spot and was able to take great close up shots of them playing.  This new lens is awesome!

Using new lens and zooming in on the action!

A co-worker plays at a local wine bar a couple times a month.  I located an external flash (on Craigslist of course!) to get rid of the shadows when shooting in dim-lit places.  Not bad! 

Shot using the new external flash-what a difference!

Time seems to pass even faster when you find something you enjoy doing.  I know I’ve had a blast getting to know this new camera.  Soon, a photo printer will be on its way!…*click, click!*

What have you been doing so far in 2011?

Not using it-In the box-Juicer!

As I mentioned in an earlier post (and why I have done much more picture-taking and not as much writing these days) I had purchased a nice Canon 20D on Craigslist.  And, as a promised to myself said I would try to sell some of my unwanted items to pay for the camera.  (I really didn’t have the money for the camera in the first place)  Today, I am happy to report that I am finally pretty close to “paying off” the camera!  I’ve been able to sell several items I didn’t need as well as reply to post from people who were in need of items that I had. 

A recent post read “Wanted: Good Juicer” and here is my reply:

“I had not thought about the juicer I have until I saw your post tonight! Not used and still in the box! It’s a ‘Juiceman Jr. Juicing Kit Electronic Professional Series 210.'”

We made the trade and later after she got her new juicer home, said sent me a message saying she was surprised to find that the juicer was not new.  Not new?  Hmmm…I would not have said that because I knew myself it wasnt new.  Yet, looking back at the above response to her…seems I was careless in my reply.  Whereas in my mind “not used” meant I wasn’t using it (of course!) in retrospect I now can see how my message could have been confusing.  I hope to make it up to her because really I am an honest person and I try to be careful with the words I use…

Tell about a conversation or correspondence in which the meaning of the message was not clearly delivered.  How could it have been done differently? 

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